We are beginning to return to pre-pandemic ways of doing business. We are back to work, travel, trade shows, etc. What has not returned to normal is the purchasing & delivery timeline for your promotional products. It is still slow and sometimes the gifts/giveaways you want are not available. 

Supply chain issues, labor deficits, and longer shipping times have impacted our ability to deliver promotional items and apparel to you as quickly as we did in the past – sometimes these factors have prevented you from getting what you want when you want it. Let me help you eliminate the frustrations of these factors. We will plan together to make sure you have what you want when you want it! Below you will see a schedule showing the month you & I should place an order followed by the month you have an event or need product. Basically, place your order at least two months in advance of your event/in-hands date. And if it is not a re-order or if you do not know what product you want, add a couple of weeks to that schedule to allow for item selection and inventory checks.

In addition to ordering for events, select a few items to always have in your office for those events or times when you need a giveaway FAST. This will ensure your brand is ready for exposure in a pinch.


Month to place order - Month for delivery

January – March

February – April

March – May

April – June

May – July

June – August

July – September

August – October

September – November

October – December

November – January

December – February


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